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... and never will be!
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To keep the heart I wanted within walls,
I tried to lure it in and lock the door,
and catch its voice: the echo in the halls.

I first dreamt up a world that would enthrall,
but with each day I only plotted more
to keep the heart I wanted within walls.

I run to save it every time it falls
(the self-destructive bull to matador),
and catch its voice: the echo in the halls.

The will is stronger than the mind recalls,
tries harder than it ever has before
to keep the heart I wanted within walls.

I boarded up the windows; now it crawls Ð
I drag its broken form across the floor
and (steal) its voice: the echo in the halls.

I watch now as it stutters and then stalls.
IÕve broken something I cannot restore
To keep the heart I wanted within walls,
and catch its voice: the echo in the halls.
:icontoxthexmorguex:ToXTheXMorgueX 0 0
A List of Sorts
And so they told me
once again
that it will not count for much,
that all the words
will blend together,
and everyone's
a poet
these days. She suggests
that I seek some sort
of solace
in the fact that I am not the first,
will not be the last (It's a matter
of mind over matter,
mind you) she says
With every morning
she clips her coupons
drinks stale coffee
scribbles neatly
I rip the slings and
from the local newspaper,
fire back.
I rifle through the files
of trifling nostalgia,
the stray birthday card
whose sole purpose it is
to obscure legal documents
birth certificates
in search of a pen
I dig up a poem,
a sad story in verse
of small romances
she recorded.
I sigh and swear
never to become
:icontoxthexmorguex:ToXTheXMorgueX 0 0
In Circles
we walk in circles,
beginning at the
simply so we know
what we must do
in order to get things right.
i dream simple things,
star-bright pseudo-memories
in which i ask
for a cup of tea;
of course,
and why would we not
drink earl grey
in front of the fire?
the radiator
clicks and creaks
and wakes me up
with incessant heat;
someday i will know
that my sweat is artificial,
but for now
i awaken
and still expect
that it is you,
smothering me. 
do you remember yet
how it should go?
will we fly?
or will we remain â€"
i must know, and soon,
so as to maintain
this pattern in which
we walk
in circles.
:icontoxthexmorguex:ToXTheXMorgueX 1 0
Mature content
fixing things :icontoxthexmorguex:ToXTheXMorgueX 1 14
Hipster in a hat by ToXTheXMorgueX Hipster in a hat :icontoxthexmorguex:ToXTheXMorgueX 1 0
Mature content
Phobophobia :icontoxthexmorguex:ToXTheXMorgueX 4 8
One Day
he thinks the most when he's driving,
not in the shower,
or right before bed,
but when he's passing
gas stations which turn into
suburbs which turn into
hookers, eyes just as solemn as
the boys behind the counter
at the local grocery store,
tired in a stable way,
cash or check today, sir?
but really thinking,
what makes you sir, and me
boy, but minimum wage, and then --
it really is all about the money, isn't it?
(because, really, he's an intellectual,
and one day,
she thinks, she'll have a husband,
two kids and a house, no view of the water
but a nice view of the houses
that do have a view of the water,
although they'll have no view of her, and
no desire for one, either
the town's gone to the dogs,
or more likely the dogs have just gotten bored
but have been there all along,
ever since he was a kid,
and there's the episcopal church,
the ballet studio with the mirrors
facing the street, so that their faces
are clearer than their silhouettes,
even with their back to him,
practicing thei
:icontoxthexmorguex:ToXTheXMorgueX 4 0
Paper Pusher
There's chemistry in the business, just not from this side of the uniform; they're having their dinners on their Saturday nights, fingers grapevining around wine glasses, feet touching under the table. In the corner a man plays guitar, finger-picking his way around the noise of the bar crowd. Men move their chairs around the table to be next to their lovers.
They are too close to notice as I bring them more wine, too close to really be listening to each other.
At a neighboring table, a woman taps her glass pointedly. I pretend not to notice.
In the back, behind the curtain, the radio meshes with the sounds from the restaurant. The man with the guitar tells Jojo to get back, get back, get back to where he once belonged, while Conor Oberst croons through the speakers; I'm glad I didn't die before I met you.
You walk in with a glass of Coca-Cola; say it's got a little tangerine vodka; say shouldn't you be home by now; say you look like you need a break.
We lock ourselves in the boo
:icontoxthexmorguex:ToXTheXMorgueX 1 3
There is something mechanical about it –
not at all like clockwork, but more like
flashing red lights
and spiked metal gears,
the sound of heavy boots on the pavement
tapping out the morose rhythm
we've grown to love;
I pay, you'll pay, I pay, you'll pay.
Saturday afternoon, and the mail is here
sealed with wax in yellow envelopes;
slow-moving minds
are grinding away,
sucking the dust in through open nostrils,
taking notes on paper airplanes
to toss away –
asleep, awake, asleep, awake.
This house has walls perfect for bouncing sound off;
he befriends the echoes with soft words –
they don't talk back.
His life is littered
with ticket stubs and minor offenses
that crunch like dead leaves underfoot,
life surrendered,
something is wrong,
is wrong.
:icontoxthexmorguex:ToXTheXMorgueX 1 5
Mature content
Fine Plastic Lines :icontoxthexmorguex:ToXTheXMorgueX 3 4
Mature content
Help Me :icontoxthexmorguex:ToXTheXMorgueX 2 4
when we were young we would pretend to sneak to the park, even though your mom knew and my father didn't care. we sat underneath the evergreen tree whose shade was littered with lost golf balls,  and talked about death and god and thunder. there was something so invincible about that tree, something so deeply rooted in our veins and in our words, even when what we felt outran what we said by miles and miles and all you did was hold my hand and play with my fingers as i napped on your shoulder.
but then your vocabulary got better and my patience grew thinner, and i would walk through the park and see you sitting under the old oak by the water with all assortments of girls whose hands you held.
we used to make castles out of cigarettes that we stole from my mother. our hands would smell of nicotine, which you hated and i didn't notice. and now i still steal cigarettes from my mother, but no number of cancer sticks will build me a castle anymore; i sit under the evergreen smokin
:icontoxthexmorguex:ToXTheXMorgueX 1 2
Good God, a Year. by ToXTheXMorgueX Good God, a Year. :icontoxthexmorguex:ToXTheXMorgueX 1 1 Wanna Race? by ToXTheXMorgueX Wanna Race? :icontoxthexmorguex:ToXTheXMorgueX 0 6
On the Subject of Finding X
I'll have you know that I've just spent a considerable amount of time searching for x. I've looked in all of the places that x might plausibly reside, and even in some places where I assumed x would never be caught dead, but I've come up empty-handed.
I checked to see if x was under the bed, perhaps hidden among old school notes and forgotten art projects and lonely orphan socks. I scoured the closet, checking in every pocket of every innumerable pair of jeans, which, trust me, is no mean feat. I screened for x in every drawer of every dresser in every room, but it was all to no avail.
I proceeded to flip through all of the books that have stubbornly accumulated by the side of my bed, all of those novels unread and read and reread. Thousands upon thousands of dog-eared pages were turned once again, the worn out words flying by to form nonsensical stop-motion sentences, but it was all for naught. In all of those tens of thousands of pages, the x that I was looking for was nowhere to be
:icontoxthexmorguex:ToXTheXMorgueX 256 114
Brand Spankin' New ID by ToXTheXMorgueX Brand Spankin' New ID :icontoxthexmorguex:ToXTheXMorgueX 0 0


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Daily Literature Deviations for November 10, 2010
Daily Lit Deviations for November 10th, 2010
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Featured by: norui

"Reasons" by apple-dark
This piece creates a resonating feeling
with earthy imagery and thoughtful line breaks,
leading the reader to experience
the words in a profound way.
Suggested by hybridinsurgency
Featured by the-photographicpoet

'Subjective' by :devcall-
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Remus Lupin by burdge Remus Lupin :iconburdge:burdge 2,584 266 fluffing james' hair for him. by burdge fluffing james' hair for him. :iconburdge:burdge 4,823 374 Absatively by SilverUnicorn297 Absatively :iconsilverunicorn297:SilverUnicorn297 10 14
Innovation for Writers
There have always been a lot of writers on deviantART begging for more recognition. It's understandable that literature is given a lower priority: as I'm writing this, there are 3,280 "Writers" online, which compared to the 10,671 "Artists" is a relatively small community. So all of us writers whine about how we never get "the attention that we deserve." There are plenty of stamps declaring, "Writers are artists too!" and all that sort of thing. But we never really get anywhere.
Well let's get serious, people.
deviantART easily has the most impressive coding I've ever seen. And the latest updates of the message centre, notes and v7 were stunning. So much is possible; it's time to give writers the edge.
When deviantART's Portfolio feature was released, it stated:
"Some people ask if Portfolio supports Literature, Film or Flash Animations. Unfortunately these formats are not yet supported, but we are working hard to make sure to support these media in the future with presentation formats
:iconjonathoncomfortreed:jonathoncomfortreed 1,147 999
Daily Literature Deviations for June 20, 2010
Daily Lit Deviations for June 20th, 2010
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Featured by: RunningBear5858 ("Bulbs") by Piscesandthediamonds
Ah spring, beautiful, flowery and love
is always in the air. This is not the case
in this strong poem. the author describes
a horrible relationship and compares is
more to the harsh, stinging bees
surrounding the flowers.
Featured by 1Walkingblind ("Opium") by VampiricBunny
This poem contains an ag
:icondailylitdeviations:DailyLitDeviations 62 8
Exterminate by InvisiblexEchoes Exterminate :iconinvisiblexechoes:InvisiblexEchoes 2 6 orchids. by MissMurder-xx orchids. :iconmissmurder-xx:MissMurder-xx 1 2
Huge CONTEST with AMAZING PRIZES! (Any medium)
Yes, you heard right. I am doing a 2nd contest, refer below in this journal to see how amazing the 1st one was.
PLEASE +HEART the news article of this, you'll help me a lot:
The task will be same again:
CREATE ANYTHING from the world of Aeria, seen here:
To clear up any confusion:
Aeria is a world that I imagined and created, all the characters, all the surroundings and the entire story is made up by me. And all of it is assembled in this gallery:

You can draw any character, or many, in any situation. (Color or B&W, Manga or realistic, Cross-reference, joke or serious, anything really)
You could also do a photo-manip. of the given drawings or create a depiction from the world of Aeria.
You can even continue to write the Aeria storyline.
Basically, YOU CAN USE ANY MEDIUM. It just has to be about or in Aeria
:iconfabrazz:Fabrazz 85 46



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i did not just get a DD. are you shitting me?

i love all of you so much. i'll write something much more strongly worded when my page traffic isn't so high.

but, shit. i couldn't be happier. especially since it was on my college essay, which i am currently in the process of submitting to schools.

really, though. this is awesome. <3

also, amanda palmer is in connecticut. could this day get any better?


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Remember: that giants sleep too soundly; that
witches are often betrayed by their appetites;
dragons have one soft spot, somewhere, always;
hearts can be well-hidden,
and you betray them with your tongue.

-Neil Gaiman, Instructions


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